Presentation skills

Sitter och läser om Presentation skills, närmare bestämt om att det är viktigt att veta vilken publik man kommer att ha. Detta är viktigt för det finns enligt Suzy Siddons tre olika sätt folk lär sig saker på

  • "A-type learners like to resarch things well, have a clear pattern to the learning process, like to do things step-by-step, are happy with reference material and are slef-motivated. They need reassurance that they are reaching the required standards, so watch over them!"
  • "B-type learners like to get on with things, they want to do it for themselves and usually have the confidence to try! They are not hapy learning from the printed page or screen. You will need to keep a weather eye out for them in case they get into bad habits, since they usually find their own ways of doing things...they become easily bored with repetitive tasks and activities that take a long time to get a payback."
  • "C-type learners learn best when they can talk about what is happening and watch how others do things. They may be comfortable with learning alone, but they definitely need to discuss and clarify before they can refine their skills."
De finns även ett litet frågefält så man kan se om man är mest A,B eller C om man inte kan läsa det av texten. Detta tycker jag är intressant för man kan känna igen sig mer i ena fast alla har väl lite av allt.


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